Keep Flying: 10 Seconds to System Failure by Stevie Bushman

Tips to Keep Flying

Our two heroes set off on an ill-fated 48 tour through intergalactic space. However, perhaps they should have brought along extra red-shirted crew members, bought a more reliable ship, or chosen a safer route!

It seems as if EVERY 10 SECONDS something goes horribly wrong. Do whatever it takes to KEEP FLYING! Your space engineering skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Please be patient while Keep Flying loads. KTHX.

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Getting Started

  1. Click Play :)
  2. Then you need to get an engine started.
  3. One of the engines has an arrow above it.
  4. Move the green guy this Engine with the WASD keys
  5. The Engine Control Panel will appear. Flip the switch to ON
  6. Other systems are controlled like this. Try to figure them all out


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Play Now!