• Escape from multiple apocalypses at once!
  • Featuring:CHOOSE YOUR OWN MUSIC TRACK TECHNOLOGY! by clicking here
  • Featuring:REALISTIC USER DRIVEN SOUND EFFECTS!(To work, user MUST make appropriate sound effects with their mouth at the appropriate times. For instance, whenever you use a flamethrower, say "FWOOOOOSHHHHH!!!")
  • BONUS EXPERT MODE! Simply play the game while listening to this
  • Have fun!

Try to escape from the the ZombieRobotAlienpocalypse!

Your stats:
Health: 100 Energy: 75 Zombieification: 0% Storylets Completed: 0
Weapon: (+2) Bare Hands
You awake to find that your city is overrun by zombies, robots, evil ninjas, pirates, giant slimes, corrupt politicians, aliens, and there is a toilet paper shortage!

Your only hope is to escape to the countryside and hide out in your ex-wife's cabin in the woods.

You are the 1(st/nd/rd/th) person to attempt to escape the city since the server reset.

What do you do?