Mine the asteroid! Save the trapped Space Kittes! Survive!

I reccomend you play FULLSCREEN: Go Fullscreen!

Probably plays best in Google Chrome

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Move: Click
Mine: Click a square your guy can see

On a mobile device? Mobile Version! EXPERIMENTAL SLASH DOESNT WORK YET

Is the game too hard?

Well, it is a brutal rogue-like. Just here to review and you don't mind if it ruins the fun?

Cheat Keys

  • [K]: Kill Thyself
  • [R]: Restart / Change Clothes
  • [V]: Visibility
  • [N]: Next Level (Level Skip)

I'm stuck!

Err, sorry about that. It isn't the best level generator. Hit [R] to restart or [N] to cheat...

Statistics (Since last server reload, challenge your friends!)

(These auto-refresh when you die or win)
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Is there an ending?

Yes! You'll know it when you get it. After you beat the game, try...

Optional Conducts/Challenges

  • Pacifist: Kill Nothing
  • Speedrun: How fast can you go?
  • Kittie Messiah: Can you save all of the kittes?
  • Now I am become Death...: Kill everything that moves
  • Vegan: Beat the game without eating meat or using animal products in RL